Wellness & Prevention Services

Health Education and Alcohol and Other Drug Education is housed within Wellness & Prevention Services.wellness-slideshow5
Our services include prevention and education in the following areas:
alcohol and other drug, peer education, sexual health and stress management.

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Body Art

Body art is a form of expression that encompasses piercings, tattoos and non-permanent forms.
Choosingbodyart-image2 to get one of these requires research and information to keep oneself safe and healthy.

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Go Green

What does it mean to Go Green?
The term “going green” refers to having a heightened awareness of our Earth’s resources.
It includes efforts to conserve our natural resources, reduce contributions to landfills, and reduce pollution.

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Other resources available for Wellness are:

  • Nutrition
    Please visit the nutrition web site http://nutrition.uconn.edu/ or call the nutrition office
    at (860) 486-0771 with any questions. The nutrition office at Student Health Services offers
    Registered Dietitians, free Individual Nutrition Counseling, Group Presentations and Programs.wellness-slideshow4
  • Recreation
    Please visit UConn’s Department of Recreational Services web site http://recreation.uconn.edu/.
    Recreation Services offers services such as yoga, spinning, intramurals, and HuskyXcursions.
  • Smoking
    There are resources available to help you quit. Please follow the links below for more information.

For individual smoking cessation consultation, please contact Student Health Service’s Primary Care at 486-2719
or stop by Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. to make an appointment. www.shs.uconn.edu