UConn’s Safer Sex Squad

The Safer Sex Squad is a UConn group of super heroes whose mission is to educate students and support choices around sexuality and sexual health. They have banded together to fight Unsafe Sex and his band of rebels!

“The Good Ones” “The Risky Ones”
 Captain Condom  Hi Everyone! I am Captain Condom and I
promote safer sex and help coordinate all of
my friends on the Safer Sex Squad. My
nemesis is the diabolical Unsafe Sex.
Unsafe Sex I am Unsafe Sex and I coordinate my band of
rebels to destroy the Safer Sex Squad. I am
often found sabotaging safer sex supplies or
trying to figure out a way to sneak past the
Safer Sex Squad. I can’t be foiled everytime!
 Lady Lube  Hi Folks—I am Lady Lube! I educate people
about friction because it is the #1 reason
why condoms break (and not putting the
condom on correctly!). I am here to stop
Rip Torn I am Rip Torn and I love it when people use
condoms incorrectly! If a condom is past its
expiration date, a condom put on wrong or
stored in a wallet or backpack too long—I am
very happy! I am often stopped by the Safer
Sex Squad—but I am working on a plan!
 Defender Dam  Hey—Defender Dam here! I help people to
protect each other from transmission of
STIs during oral and anal sex. I am very
proud to be a part of UConn’s Safer Sex
Snip Snap Snip Snap is my name and cutting condoms is
my game! I try to cut up condoms to make
them useless but that Safer Sex Squad is
clever and is always thinking of ways to utilize
them. Defender Dam and Slick Sir Ran are
quick to use my cut condoms for safer oral
sex. Hmph!
 Abstainers  We are the Abstainers! We are friends to
the Safer Sex Squad because abstinence as
defined by abstaining from oral, vaginal
anal or other sex acts is the safest form of
sex and is the only 100% effective way to
prevent STIs and pregnancy. Nationally
speaking, at least 20% of the college
population choose to abstain. Go
Friction and Freezer Fiends We are Friction and Freezer Fiends! We are
twins that work against the Safer Sex Squad
to break safer sex supplies with friction or by
using temperatures too hot or too cold. We
have fun working together to over throw the Safer Sex Squad!
 En Garde  En Garde! I am Slick Sir Ran and I help
Defender Dam in sticky situations such as
when people are allergic to latex. I am an
alternative to latex to be used for oral sex to
reduce transmission of STIs. As long as I
am here—STIs should fear!
Vaseline Vixen Hi I am Vaseline Vixen. My friends consist of
hand lotion & baby oil and we love to break
down condoms. I don’t know WHY the
Safer Sex Squad makes a big deal out of
little ol’ me. I only break condoms
most of the time—nobody is perfect!
 Poly Protector  Hello! I am Poly Protector and I help
Captain Condom! I am a female condom
that women can use as an alternative to the
male condom. I am latex free and I can also
be used by men. I am also handy for folks
who engage in anal sex!