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Safer Sex Supplies

Abstinence Kits

If a student chooses abstinence, we want that person to feel supported. Health Education offers AbstinenceAbst Kit contents displayed Kits to students who ask for them in addition to providing candy at all of our events. The Abstinence Kit may include: popcorn, candy necklace, gummy snacks, play-doh, beach ball, stamps, or mind teasers. We want everyone to feel welcome and we realize that each person needs to make their own choice — we respect that! Students are allowed one Abstinence Kit per visit.

Goodie Bags

If a student chooses to be sexually active, we support that choice as well. Students can come by our office to pick up a premade Goodie Bag which contains an assortment of 12 condoms, dental dams and lubrication. Abst Kit FC2 Goodie Bag and Non-LatexWe also make custom Goodie Bags for students who want a specific kind of condom that we carry. Students are allowed one Goodie Bag per visit.


We carry over 15 different types of condoms. We offer both male (external) and female (internal) condoms. We also have non-latex condoms as well.

Dental Dams

We offer latex dental dams in five different scents: vanilla, banana, strawberry, grape and mint along with non-scented dental dam pic


Our office provides various types of lubrication including water-based, silicone-based, flavored, paraben and glycerin free, and lubrication that is vegan. The flavored lubrication that is vegan includes: mint, banana, passion fruit, berry, bubblegum, pina colada, strawberry, and raspberry.


We also provide non-latex options, such as gloves and plastic wrap.flavored lube pic