The Health Education Office has been creating publications for the campus community for many years. Over the past few years we have continued to refine our materials based on staff and student feedback. With this feedback we decided to streamline our handouts to have a similar look to our Stall Street News, which many students recognize.

Stall Street News

Since implementing the first Stall Street News in 2003, we have received many compliments and requests for them. When we first started to create them we would publish up to five a semester. Each year we implement over 40 Stall Street News over two semesters to the residence halls and campus community. Here are some examples of our Stall Street News publications – click to view or download:

Stall Street News: MRSA Stall Street News: Flu Season Stall Street News: Go Green

Health Education Hand-Outs

When the office was deciding on an approach to our handouts, it was a natural progression to have them look similar to our Stall Street News publication. Through the years many students have reported to us that they enjoy reading them and that they looked forward to more editions. Through feedback that we have recently solicited from students we have continued to modify the look of our handouts. Here are some examples of our handouts – click to view or download:

Hand Out: Health Ed Office Hand Out: Stress Management