Programs Offered

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First Year Experience Classes

FYE Sex Jeopardy

  • One of our most requested presentations, this fun interactive game is only offered to first year students in UNIV 1800/1820 courses through request of instructors and upon availability of Health Education staff.
  • This program is not available in the residence halls or for groups.

Stress Management

Herbal Pillows

  • Did you know that peppermint helps alleviate headaches? Or that cinnamon stimulates and warms the body? Choose your own cloth and herbs to create a personalized aromatherapy pillow!


  • Learn the benefits of different aromas such as lavender, peppermint, and orange while creating your own aromatherapy oil!

Massage 101

  • Do you know any massage techniques? In this interactive program, learn basic techniques for the back, neck, and hands. Bring a partner to work in pairs, or fly solo. Self massage techniques will also be taught!

Mindful Eating

  • In this program, learn to focus attention and awareness on the present moment and learn how to practice mindfulness while eating.


  • Learn how incorrect breathing can impact stress, and how correct “belly breathing” can positively impact academics. Different breathing techniques will be demonstrated!

Sexual Health



  • Are you condom savvy? Find out during one of our most requested evening programs each semester – Rubberwear! Learn about all the different condoms, dental dams, and lubrication that Health Education offers to students through interactive activities such as flavored lube tastings, condom relay races, & quizzes. Prizes are awarded!

Quick Draw

  • Similar to the game Pictionary, learn more about sex and sexuality through this fun and interactive game of drawing. Art skills are helpful, but not required.

You Don’t Know Jack About Sex

  • Similar to the computer game, find out what you know about sex and learn more in this fun program!


Fact or Fiction

  • Does an apple a day REALLY keep the doctor away? Do sperm REALLY die when they hit the air? Come find out the answer to these questions and many others during this fun interactive program that explores common folklore and myths!

Spring Break Taboos


  • Going away for Spring Break? This interactive game provides useful spring break tips and is a spin-off of the Taboo board game. Test your knowledge while learning to have fun in the sun! Only offered in the spring semester before Spring Break.