Each year, the Health Education Office provides World AIDS Week which hosts events around HIV/AIDS for World AIDS Day on December 1. We welcome any student or student group who wishes to participate in this week to contact us to collaborate on events for the week or if the student group would like for us to advertise their event during our week.

Some of the events that the Health Education Office hosts are: Wear RED Day, ART4AIDS, Condom-a-thon, HIV Vigil and information tabling throughout campus. To find out more about each of these events please see the below descriptions.

Wear RED Day

We encourage all students to participate in Wear RED Day on the Tuesday of World AIDS Week to show their support of HIV infected individuals as well as showing support for research, education and outreach.



Health Education present ART4AIDS, an art gallery featuring student, staff and faculty artists’ work to support those who are coping with HIV/AIDS and those who have been lost.

Each artist provides a piece that raises awareness about the reality of HIV/AIDS pandemic that has affected over 40 million people around the world.

The art in this gallery symbolizes the many ways HIV/AIDS has affected people. The artists have chosen a number of messages to convey and put in a physical form to show the community. In essence, each piece tells a part of the crisis that has touched every continent.

While some art is more literal, displaying public service announcement messages, others are representative of the situations many people endure from HIV/AIDS.

The Health Education invites students to express themselves through artistic mediums including paintings, collages, statues, PowerPoint art, glass designs, etc. For students who would like to submit art to be displayed, it is due the week before the November week break. Students need to submit their full name, the title of the art, a contact number/email and indicate whether or not they are donating the piece to the Health Education office after the show.

The ART4AIDS opening is the Wednesday of World AIDS Week. All students and community members are invited to attend.

HIV Vigil

Join the Health Education Office for a night of music and remembrance while we honor people who have been affected and infected with HIV. This event showcases some of the musical talents of UConn’s acapella groups and ends with a vigil in the Student Union Art Gallery (SU 310). This event occurs the Thursday of World AIDS Week.


Health Education, along with our peer education group, the UConn Sexperts, hosts the annual Condom-a-Thon during Late Night around or on World AIDS Day. Students participate by learning, then practicing a safer-sex technique – how to put on a condom, or how to turn a condom into a dental dam. In return, they receive an ice cream sundae! We find that many students are interested in learning a safer-sex skill, and for some, this is a newly acquired skill.

For more information about Health Education’s current World AIDS Week activities, email