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Rewards Programs

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Safer Sex Squad Membership

Students can participate in Health Education’s rewards program called Perka. Students who visit the office and obtain either safer sex supplies or abstinence kits will be eligible for our S3 rewards program. Students who sit in the Relaxation Station for a minimum of 10 minutes will be eligible for the Relaxation Station rewards program.


The Health Education Office will be using Perka which is a free rewards app that rewards students for their visits while maintaining visitors’ privacy. For students without smartphones, there will an option to track visits through Perka via SMS (text) messaging. Perka check-ins for S3 (abstinence kits or safer sex supplies) and the Relaxation Station will be handled independently, allowing students to access two reward paths. Students will be rewarded for their 1st, 4th, 6th and 8th visits. When signing up for Perka, the Health Education Office encourages students to pick an alias (such as “Husky2016”) rather than using their real names. In addition, students are encouraged to read its privacy policy to understand how their information may be used. The office will not be collecting any personal information; we will only be counting visits.

By following us on Facebook* or Twitter, students will be able to know when the members of the Safer Sex Squad visit the Health Education Office or other venues on campus. When a character “visits” the office or another venue on campus, we will give additional rewards to S3 members.

Rewards will be given on visits 1, 4, 6 and 8 and starting with the 8th reward, students will be able to put their name into a monthly give-a-way from which they will be able to pick from several items.

*To access this page, users need to be logged into Facebook.

Reward structure for S3 (safer sex and abstinence kits):

  • 1st: Button
  • 4th: Condom pop
  • 6th: Extra goodie bag
  • 8th: Key chain
  • 8th and up: name put into monthly give-a-way which includes t-shirts, blankets, gift certificates, etc.
Reward structure for Relaxation Station:

  • 1st: Amped Up Relax Pack
  • 4th: Stress ball
  • 6th: Herbal pillow
  • 8th: Massager
  • 8th and up: name put into monthly giveaway which includes t-shirts, blankets, gift certificates, etc.

PerkaTerms and conditions of the Rewards Program:

  1. Students will only be eligible for one reward per level.
  2. Students are only eligible for one check-in per area per day.
  3. For eligibility for check-ins:
    • For S3 students must obtain either an abstinence kit, goodie bag or specialized condom/dental dam/lubrication request.
    • For the Relaxation Station students are required to sit in the Relaxation Station for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  4. A student is only eligible for one drawing per month.
  5. One student may not win the same monthly giveaway prize two months in a row.
  6. A student is only eligible for one T-shirt and one blanket per academic year.
  7. The reward and prize giveaways will only take place during the academic year. The program will be paused between finals week in both December/May and return during the first week of classes in both August/January.
  8. Health Education will offer a minimum of three giveaway items for drawings each month to students who have obtained 8+ visits. Health Education may change the offerings each month.
  9. Health Education has the right to not award prizes for the drawing if there are no student tickets in the container or if a student has won the prize as outlined above.
  10. Health Education student workers and volunteers are ineligible to participate in the rewards program. If they are no longer employed or volunteering for the office, and leave in good standing, a one semester grace period will be implemented prior to the student being eligible to participate.
  11. The Health Education Office has the right to terminate a student’s ability to participate at any time if they are disrespectful towards or are abusing the program, the office or the staff.
  12. The Health Education Office has a right at any time to terminate the program, rewards and prizes.